Gubabi Safe has maintained its leading position in the Nigerian market on the strength of its innovative and high quality products as well as unparalleled delivery service

Gubabi Safe

Gubabi is the biggest loss prevention partner to banks in Nigeria.

Fireproof Filing Safe

We are the major suppliers of Fireproof Filing Safes in Nigeria

Other Gubabi Products

These include Vault doors, Uchida safes, Night / Depository safes, Underground safes, Safe in safes, Hotel safes, Data safes, Alarm cash boxes, key boxes etc.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • “The fire at times reached 60 feet in height and the hot winds blew it so fast at my parents’ house that the firemen couldn’t do anything to stop it. My parents were at my aunt’s house and my brother who was living with my parents at the time was at work. I was also working, so by the time we got to their house everything was ash. There was absolutely nothing saved. We all started to cry. All our memories, photos of us, everything was gone. Then my dad yelled “the safe is still standing!” We opened the safe and all my parents important papers, birth certificates, wedding rings, etc. were saved! We couldn’t believe it! In the entire house the safe was the only thing not burned to the ground. My family and I couldn’t thank you enough. We recommended a fire safe to everyone we know. Your fire safe put a smile on our faces, we thanked The Lord at least something survived. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”–Iyinfoluwa Orimoloye

  • I bought my safe from Gubabi around 2006 and I just want to say since day one I have loved it and still do. I looked everywhere for an affordable secure safe and Gubabi's was the winner. Just wanted to drop a line to you guys and say thanks for a well made and durable safe that has offered me security for my documents for years.–Michael Alakija,RT Briscoe

  • After having my safe for over 13 years and having moved it six times in and out of five states, it had remained unflawed until my recent move. During the handling, the movers put some bad scratches in the beautiful metallic blue finish. I was more sad than angry as I have always been proud of it's elegant finish, and the privileged few who have seen the safe have all complimented on that. After this much time I didn't expect to be able to contact a company I did business with that long ago, let alone get information on the paint used back then. Much to my delight Gubabi safes is going strong and easy to find on the Net. I was really pleased with your prompt reply to my email and quite impressed that you not only knew what paint it was, but that you also offered send me some touch up at no charge. Thank you for providing a well made, durable product backed up by a prompt response and solid support. My title page contents –TOsin, Surulere, Lagos